Social Media Essentials for Working with NFT Projects (Free Download)

December 7, 2022




GM frens (whenever you read this),

We want to share three templates that will make your work with NFT projects frictionless. These simple guides are entirely based on our previous experience with NFT clients. Using this deck, you can effectively organize and simplify your social media activities.
And — what’s most important — all of this for free.

What does this template deck consist of?

Who is this template deck for?

The strategic document and content calendar are helpful for every marketer. A social media strategy outline will help you set goals, analyze customer persona, conduct competitor research, and more. The content calendar is a simple-designed yet comprehensive tool for overviewing all social media activities.

On the other hand, the questionnaire is ideal for marketing agencies ready to work with NFT clients and freelance marketers considering joining some NFT projects. With 20 carefully selected questions, you can extract valuable information from your clients and start every new project without a glitch.

How to use these templates?

1. Make a copy of each document

2. Start editing

3. Enjoy!

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