Bragging Symphony: How Unusual Sour Helped Shape The First ETH Belgrade

In the beginning, there was a group of enthusiastic people who lived and breathed Web3. Just engineers and clever minds with an outlandish idea: to bring the ETH community to Belgrade and create an unforgettable event.

As bright as they were, these folks were inexperienced in marketing. Okay, they were complete amateurs (notice how we’re setting a better client-agency relationship here). They didn’t know how to turn the idea into a brand. How to advertise it. To attract people. Relevant people. Hundreds of them. 

So they obviously needed an experienced, large-scale marketing agency with a bunch of event specialists, art directors, copywriters, social media managers, and brand experts to make their event shine as brightly as a thousand suns.

Luckily for us, they weren’t keen on throwing money around.

Luckily for them, they met us. Micro but fierce marketing team who — believe it or not — know a thing or two about marketing fundamentals but also dare to incorporate evergreen knowledge into the tricky Web3 environment

So, we began from square one – with the often-overlooked strategy. This unassuming document answered vital questions like WHY, WHAT, WHERE, and HOW. We identified our target audience, set the tone, crafted compelling messages, and chose the most effective channels and relevant Web3 media outlets while tossing aside the questionable ones.

Yet, something was missing.

How to merge hectic Belgrade, its chaotic history, brutalist architecture, ecstatic nightlife, and goddamned blockchain into an appealing image. Our art director had an idea… 

..and a one-man-team copywriter dropped one more…

One idea led to another, and we crafted striking layered branding.

ETH BelgradeFrom there on, everything rolled along smoothly – just like a baby’s bottom.

Varied content, thoughtfully distributed, earned us hundreds of thousands of views and robust engagement. People started buzzing about ETH Belgrade

To spill some vanity metrics here. During 66 campaign days we got:

ETH Belgrade channels

Two months later…

ETH Belgrade stats

Of course, those above would be futile if ETH Belgrade didn’t offer a hard-to-find-elsewhere value. We have just leveraged what we had to play with. But, hey, we obviously take pride in our work. See you next year.

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